A Personal Absence

Hello everyone and Happy Pumpkin Month. 🙂 I must apologize for my recent absence and the continuation of such. I’m taking a bit of a break from the blog to focus on life, school, work and all the rest. Though not sure when I’ll be back, I’m certain I will be, despite my other obligations … More A Personal Absence

A Potluck Pie Social

I love pie. I think I could probably give Ned, “The Pie Maker,” a run for his money. There’s just something so warm and homey and delicious about a slice of pie, whether it be apple, berry, chocolate silk or my Famous Pumpkin Pie. Pie bridges the gap between summer and autumn, in the in-between … More A Potluck Pie Social

Yule is Here!

Yes, I know I have been a bit AWOL lately but I promise I haven’t disappeared for good. The holidays are upon us, of course, and starting last weekend, I have six weeks of cooking, wrapping and flurrying to do. Don’t let me fool you though: I love it dearly. Yule, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hannukah… … More Yule is Here!