Top 5 Magickal Flowers

April showers bring May flowers… magickal flowers! It’s been a while since I did a Top 10 list (okay, so it’s a Top 5 list) so I thought this would be fun, just in time for warm weather and blooming gardens:

Top 5 Magickal Flowers

  1. Roses – Without a doubt, one of the most popular flowers of all time, roses of all sizes and colors are brimming with beauty and magick. At heart, all roses encourage love but yellow roses are also known for friendship and pink for happiness.
  2. Geranium – Geraniums are known for their protective properties and the red variety are especially popular with witches. Fill window boxes or porch pots with them for a cheerful greeting and protection for your house.
  3. Lavender – No list is complete without lavender, right? Love, dreams, sleep and protection are just a few of the things this magickal little flower imbues. It looks lovely planted in pots or the ground, not to mention it goes great in everything from sachets to cookies!
  4. Statice – Though not exactly a traditional flower, statice comes in a variety of bright and beautiful colors. You might recall it under the name “Lethe’s Bramble,” which is what Willow called it in the infamous Buffy episode “Tabula Rasa” in which a spell gone awry gave all of the main characters total amnesia. Although it’s not quite that severe in real life, statice is associated with memory, remembrance and psychic abilities.
  5. Lily – Lilies are often associated with the month of May and are a symbol of spring. In their endless varieties, they are also related to love, family, fertility and peace.

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Magickal Flowers

  1. I was just wondering if you consider Lilies of the Valley to fall under the generic “lily” title (and so therefore, have similar magical properties to what you’ve listened above) or if you think of them not in reference to lilies. I’ve seen and heard it both ways, so I’m just exercising my curiosity here.

    1. They are a relative of the lily although, from a florist perspective, “lily” usually refers to stargazers, asiatics and the like. But, yes, lilies of the valley tend to be related to love, friendship, peace, etc as well. 🙂

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