Ten Beltane Decoration Ideas

Beltane’s not my favorite Sabbat, I’ll be honest. It’s a very group-centric holiday and as a solitary practitioner, I have trouble connecting to it. That being said, however, Beltane does offer many ways to beautify our homes and connect with others so I am trying to take it from a different perspective this year! To get me started, ten Beltane decoration ideas:Ten Beltane Decoration Ideas by The Witch of Howling Creek

  1. Decorate a wooden dowel with ribbons and place in a pot of moss as a small-scale maypole.
  2. Floral wreaths are a lovely way to mix up the style of centerpieces. Simply place a small wreath of flowers around a candle or even something like a punch bowl.
  3. For décor subtly reminiscent of the ribbons of the maypole, tie or pin wide ribbons of various colors to a curtain rod and hang over an altar, bed or other area in need of decoration. Make your May Day curtain magickal by writing wishes or spells on the ribbon.
  4. Fill a glass bowl with water and float flowers or candles in it. Decorate it further in the form of a well-dressing.
  5. Make 12 inch blessing braids out of blue, green, red and yellow ribbons (each color honoring a different element) for use as curtain tiebacks. They will add a splash of color as well as make the windows of your home a spiritual opening as well as a physical one.
  6. Cut butterflies out of a rainbow of tissue paper and hang in a window or over a table from monofilament line.
  7. Fill unexpected containers such as watering cans with flowers and place on the front porch, in the entryway or anywhere in the house.
  8. Decorate the bedroom with roses: bouquets, petals and floral prints will encourage romance at this romance and fertility related holiday.
  9. Honor the fire festival aspect of Beltane by decorating with candles of all shapes, sizes and colors.
  10. Place pressed flowers under glass for long-lasting spring décor.

10 thoughts on “Ten Beltane Decoration Ideas

  1. I agree with you in not being able to connect with Beltane. Not only does it seem more for groups, but couples as well. The whole fertility thing being a huge theme… and I’ve never been in that sort of relationship. What I try to do is focus on creativity. Since fertility is creating a life, I figure creating a meal or a piece of art works just as well for us solitary folk.

  2. For the most part, I’m quite happy being a solitary, but I LOVE Beltane and on the odd occasion I would quite like to get together to celebrate the season my fellow Wiccans. I’d love to figure out a way to do this, without feeling like I was gate crashing a coven’s celebration. The point would be to to feel like an outsider, not reinforce it 🙂 I have some ideas…

    PS Thanks for sharing all your creativeness, blessed be!

  3. I am new to all of this, and this will be my first Beltane. Since my husband is overseas visiting his mum, I shall be alone. I do wish he was here to wear a pair of antlers and chase me around in the forest, but alas, he is not. But I have decided to go ahead and celebrate anyway. I shall be doing special altar decorations, playing music, enjoying some wine, and I’ll probably stick a flower behind my ear and dance around naked (indoors with the curtains closed). 😉 Thank you for the lovely post! It sounds like you have some very nice ideas for celebrating, and I hope you have a lovely day! 🙂

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