Ten Decorations for Midsummer

Ten Decorations for Midsummer by The Witch of Howling CreekAs a Shakespeare lover, I have a certain soft spot for Midsummer, sometimes known as Litha. There’s something romantic about shady evenings in the woods, animal masks and flower garlands. But if you don’t have your own personal fairy glen, here are a few ideas for decorating your home this Midsummer:

  1. String together flowers like mums and roses using a needle and monofilament line and drape over pendant lights and doorways.
  2. Make paper mache animal masks for each member of the family. Thumbtack to sturdy cardboard in plain frames and hang on a wall for a unique focal point.
  3. Place white, yellow, green and lavender taper candles in clean, empty wine bottles.
  4. Arrange wildflowers in assorted vintage containers and place in every room of the house.
  5. Construct mini fairy doors and place along baseboards or on book shelves.
  6. Bundle wildflowers together with twine and hang upside down in a kitchen or bathroom space to dry.
  7. Line a low wide bowl with bear grass and float flower blossoms and candles in it for a coffee or dining table centerpiece.
  8. Place votive candles in mason jars fitted with wire hangers for a lovely, firefly-like glow at night.
  9. Cut butterfly and dragonfly shapes out of construction paper and hang from ceiling fans and in windows. These could also be tucked into flower arrangements or door wreaths.
  10. Wrap grapevine balls (available at most craft stores) with white twinkle lights. These are especially great because they can be used anywhere: hang them from the ceiling, place in the center of a table or even outside in the garden!

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