Simple Full Moon Ritual

I am posting this a few days early so that if anyone wants to use or adapt it, they have time to do so. Although there is some debate on whether Esbats are strictly full moon celebrations or should include other phases as well, I like to keep mine to the full moon only. It speaks to me personally much more than the new moon. There’s just something about the way it glows and shimmers that is absolutely magickal – but I think all witches probably feel the same way.

As I have probably mentioned, I am not much for a lot of ceremony, (although there are certainly exceptions), and that is most obvious in my rituals. I like to keep things simple; it feels more honest and real that way. So here is my personal full moon ritual, concise and to the point, just as it is written in my Book of Shadows:

Sit skyclad in view of the full moon, if possible. I like to do rituals skyclad when I can because it feels more raw and out of the ordinary – so maybe I like a little bit of ceremony. 😛

Light a white candle and align with the moon. Focus on it, absorbing the energy. The meditation portion can be just a few minutes or half the night. It really depends on what’s going on in your life and what you’re sorting through. Full moon rituals are for your soul what dreams are for your brain – they help us get through whatever’s weighing on us and start fresh.

Take a bite of dark chocolate and a sip of tea from a white mug, alternating until gone. I favor Dagoba’s Lavender Blueberry Dark Chocolate for several reasons – first of all, it is slave-free which is especially appropriate for a ritual, (admittedly, while I am a compassionate person, I usually go for a cheap Hershey’s bar but the positive energy is more than worth $3/bar for special occasions), and second of all, the flavor is really unique so it seems all the more special. As for the tea, I like to drink something moon-related such as Pomegranate, Jasmine or Rose.

If I plan to do any magick, I do it between finishing the food and blowing out the candle, partly because I’m still going to need the candlelight to see by and partly because magick is very much a part of ritual and vice versa.

Blow out the candle. Although it’s a simple act, this is actually one of the most powerful parts of the ritual because it is the only formal ending.

Blessed Be. These are the only spoken words in the ritual and sometimes I actually just think it really loudly. Silence to me is one of the most powerful ways of centering myself. Chanting and poetry are great but sometimes hearing nothing but your own thoughts is so much more enlightening.

Have a happy full moon!


16 thoughts on “Simple Full Moon Ritual

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