Top Ten Ways to Decorate Like a Witch

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    Top Ten Ways to Decorate Like a Witch by The Witch of Howling CreekA lot of books these days will insist that witches don’t really live in whimsical cottages and fairytale houses. And… it’s true. Most of us live in modern, everyday homes in cities, towns and the suburbs. But one of our most powerful tools is our imagination and the whimsical cottages and fairytale houses are an inspiration to many of us. So bring a little bit of that spirit into your home with these tips:

  1. Many witches have a deep connection to the pentacle but may not want to display it prominently in their homes or yards because of stigma. But one thing that is often forgotten: the pentacle is really just a star, an image readily available in home décor! Gift and even craft stores almost always have wall-hangings, throws, pictures and trinkets featuring five-pointed stars you can proudly have in your home, no matter who may visit.
  2. Tie bundles of herbs together and hang them upside down in the kitchen, dining area or even the bedroom. It is appropriately witchy, attractive decoration and practical.
  3. Even if you don’t have a greenhouse or conservatory, you can still achieve the look by surrounding windows by plants. Line the sill, place larger plants on the floor and hang ivy or spider plants from the ceiling. Greenery is always good to have around in a witch’s house and you can even grow plants that will protect you or be useful in spells.
  4. Tea-dye a sheet of labels and handwrite the names of your herbs and spices so you can proudly display your neat, organized collection on a shelf or the counter in the kitchen.
  5. The creaky wrought-iron gate is a part of just about every witches’ manor and even if you don’t have the space for one in your yard, you can easily incorporate it into your indoor decorations. Gates are relatively easy to find at antique stores and flea markets and simple to fix up with sandpaper and spray paint (or, of course, you can leave it rusty and well-loved, just the way it is!) Hang it on a wall in your entry or living room with a ‘Black Hat Society’, ‘Blessed Be’ or other witchy sign.
  6. Candles, of course, are an obvious choice for a witchy haven but other lights such as hurricane lamps are just as appropriate. These can be picked up at antique stores and flea markets as well, although you very well may be able to find some in your own attic.
  7. Line old books up on a shelf or on top of a desk, alongside drippy candles and antique knick-knacks. The simplest vignette can help you achieve the magickal look you are going for.
  8. Quite possibly the most important way for pagans to decorate is with the seasons. Create and bless wreaths for each season to hang on your door, collect items from nature to display in your home and rotate a seasonal color scheme against a neutral backdrop (i.e. light sage green walls with colorful pillows and throws.)
  9. Take your cues from a Gothic, Victorian feel and go all out with crimson walls, black drapes, curios filled with both black and white photos and jars of spell ingredients, not to mention beautiful Waterhouse prints. To keep it a little less intimidating for your guests, this heavy-handed theme is perhaps best reserved for the master bedroom where a sense of extravagance and luxury is often more welcomed than elsewhere in the house.
  10. Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget your broom! Whether it be the besom you actually use for magick or just a simply house broom, it is an important part of witchy decorating. Some people like to bless and hang it over the front door or set beside it. Others like to keep it near the fireplace/hearth and still others prefer it in the kitchen. No matter where you keep it, it will be most special if you can make it yourself or at the very least, decorate it with ribbons and herbs.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions or thoughts to add to this – this is one of my favorite witchy subjects!

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways to Decorate Like a Witch

  1. Blessed Be to you and thank you for your addition on Pinterest. I recently moved into a house that needs a lot of healing, both inside and out, and your 10 suggestions went along perfectly with what I had been thinking about this morning.

  2. Thank you for this. I love every suggestion. I would love to go more witchy in my decor, but some people just don’t understand.

  3. thank you so much for all the ideas. for someone still learning it gives me lots of inspiration.

  4. and important as well, especially for those who sadly have caretakers, social services, et al coming into their homes. Easier, than explaining how we don’t ‘sacrifice’ small animals!! (yes, this happened: over imagination of a Jehovah Witness Care Attendant freaking out over our 24 inch Tibetan Singing Bowl with a striker in it!) OR having a locked office/meditation/ritual space, sheesh, and here we are in Amerika and we still have a problem with freedom of Faith.

  5. I love all of these and realy want to try all of them but when you live in home where your entire family are christains your options are limited 😦

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