Decorating Inspired by the Halliwell Manor

I wrote a post almost two years ago about decorating your house like a witch in which I said “A lot of books these days will insist that witches don’t really live in whimsical cottages and fairytale houses. And… it’s true.” That post was a huge hit and I still often find it in my Top Posts & Pages list in the sidebar. Because of its popularity, I’ve decided to expand the post into several pieces inspired by the whimsical cottages and fairytale houses that have so sparked our imaginations over the years.

The Halliwell Manor on Charmed is an iconic image both as a haven for witches and as a love letter to the stunning Victorian architecture of my beloved San Francisco. The homes in San Francisco are incomparable with their sweeping lines and intricate gingerbread details perched high on the hill and the Halliwell Manor does them justice (although, admittedly, the real house is in LA.)Decorating Inspired by the Halliwell Manor by The Witch of Howling Creek



But how to decorate your house like the Halliwells? A few ideas for a Victorian aesthetic and a witchy twist:

  • Don’t be afraid of wallpaper. There are lots of options now that don’t even use glue and it can be a wonderfully versatile tool that really captures the look of Victorian houses. You might even choose wallpapers with particular flowers or imagery in their designs for luck, protection or to honor a certain deity.
  • Stained glass adds a lot of drama to the Halliwell Manor and has always been a very spiritual art form as it filters sunlight and moonlight into color in a beautiful, peaceful way. You don’t need to knock out any windows to get the effect though: try just hanging stained glass pieces in floral, animal and spiritual designs in windows that get a lot of sun.
  • Much of the Charmed Ones’ power came from their family heritage and for the everyday witch, family can be a powerful support as well. Create a gallery wall of old family photos in mismatched (but complementary) frames and hang heirloom pieces such as quilts and painted plates as art. Bring useable items such as mixers and sewing machines into your daily life (often times these antique appliances work better than their brand new counterparts and have more personality too!)
  • Spruce up bland cabinets, stairwells and more with easy to attach decorative pieces from the hardware store. They can then be painted or stained to match whatever is around them. Instant Victorian!
  • The most important room in the Halliwell Manor is, of course, the attic, where they keep their Book of Shadows. Although most of us don’t need to protect our book the way the girls do, it is still nice to have a place dedicated to your faith or magick. Consider clearing away some space in the attic, basement or even a spare room where you can be surrounded by precious family heirlooms and childhood memories to set up your altar.

One thought on “Decorating Inspired by the Halliwell Manor

  1. What a wonderful post. I am going to read the old post too.
    I love old homes and try to bring as many things in my home to give it a well lived and old feel. I live in a 1950’s house. My grandmothers antique linnen closet stands in my livingroom and lots of family pictures. I use a lot of furniture from the thrift stores too. Homemade crochet throws are placed over the couch, just to make it as inviting and cozy as possible. This too can be very magical ; )

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