Inspired by the Elements: Air

I’m apparently in the mood to expand on previous ideas, starting with the “Decorating Inspired by the Halliwell Manor” post a few days ago and now a continuation of my consistently most popular post ever: “Air, Earth, Water & Fire: Decorating with the Elements.”

The elements are the most basic materials of ourselves and our world and it seems to me that a single post for all of them does not do them justice. Look for the other three posts in the future!Inspired by the Elements: Air by The Witch of Howling Creek

“Air” can refer to the air we breathe, of course, but also to the wind, to the sky and to the heavens. It is often linked with our sense of smell as the two things are equally intangible and because smells drift through the air.

How to Represent Air on Your Altar and in Your Life

Place collected feathers on an altar
Burn incense
Decorate a folding fan and place it open on an altar or carry it with you to use on hot days
Bake cookies – the familiar, comforting smell has a similar effect as incense, especially for kitchen and cottage witches!

Decorations Inspired by Air

Press fragrant flowers associated with air, such as honeysuckle and azaleas, between plates of glass and hang as art
Tuck feathers into unexpected places such as flower arrangements, inside hollow glass spheres and entwined in chandeliers
Set up a small vignette of various candles, an incense burner and a vase of found feathers as a little homage to the element
Hang bells or wind chimes in windows or on the porch

Air Correspondences

Colors: Yellow, White
Animals: Birds, Winged insects
Stones: Crystal beryl, Citrine
Trees & Plants: Acacia, Bergamot, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Sage

Spell Inspired by Air

“To Bless a Gathering or Meal”

Write a blessing on a small length of ribbon such as the following:

‘Bless this meal, for health and happiness. Bless this family, for today and always.’

Tie the ribbon inside a small dinner bell, preferably an heirloom although one could probably be easily found at an antique shop. Ring the bell to announce dinner (or have one of the children ring it!)


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