Air, Earth, Water & Fire: Decorating with the Elements

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As a certified interior designer, I am constantly dreaming up fresh room ideas (although my own seems to forever be a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs and stacked books and papers.) I often find myself pondering how to bring a little magick and witchcraft into the home without simply cluttering shelves with knick-knacks. One way to do this is to use the four elements: air, earth, water and fire.


Air is associated with the east and the color yellow. You could take this literally and use Asian design principles in your home, such as feng shui, dragon motifs and simple, straight lines. You could simply paint a wall a creamy, sunny yellow. Or you could embrace a feather theme with dramatic vases of peacock on the tables, an elegant collection of feathered fashion items like hats and boas and old-fashioned prints of bird and feather sketches (this theme would work especially well in a romantic master suite!)


Lush greens and cozy browns invite you into the realm of ‘earth’. Wood paneling and hardwood floors make for a rustic lodge feel while tin buckets full of natural items such as oak balls, acorns, twigs and branches collected on forest walks offer a personal connection to the outdoors. This element insists you always have fresh flowers in the house and grow herbs in your kitchen.


Definitely my favorite element, water offers dozens of home decorating options from indulgent sinks and tubs to a fishbowl (complete with fish, that is) on the kitchen counter. Decorate in a myriad of shades of blue or stick to a white-washed, wave-pounded look. Line a mirror in seashells, fill a bowl with driftwood or develop a moon motif in one or more rooms – after all, the moon phases control the tides!


The simplest way to bring the fire element into your house is just to fill every available space with candles, something many witches are apt to do anyway. While it may not necessarily be a great idea to light them all at once, even just the sight of them, all different shapes, sizes and colors, with their wax dripping down their sides, can be powerful. For something a little more subtle (although it’s hard to be subtle when playing with fire), try a crimson wall, curtains or accents and pay special attention to how you decorate and care for your fireplace so as to make it the focal point in the room.

The elements are all around us always and that makes them the perfect vehicle for a little quiet witchcraft in our day-to-day lives!


7 thoughts on “Air, Earth, Water & Fire: Decorating with the Elements

  1. Oh, I love this one! I’ve honestly never thought about decorating with the elements…but I often incorporate a lot of the details above. Interesting way to look at home decorating. I like it; thanks!

  2. I just started reading your blog and love it. I to, have not been practicing long and I find that alot of the ways things are supposed to be done are to cumbersome for myself. I love these decorating ideas, they are awesome. I live in a rental and am not able to paint, do you have any temporary color ideas I could incorporate with the elements. I also am not able to put out alot of items that are considered “witchy” because of people who come over. Thank you so much for any ideas you may have.

    1. Thank you! One great way to bring in temporary color is through fabric. You can get dollar-a-yard at Walmart, iron it and then tack it up on the walls. It’s cheap, easy and changeable. Remember, witchy items don’t necessarily have to scream witch – fairy figurines and ornaments are easy to find at gift shops and, like I laid out in the Air section, feathers, seashells, the moon and other items can easily become a whole motif that means something more to you than it does to your visitors. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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