New (Altered?) Book of Shadows

Okay, so, I have a Book of Shadows, technically. It’s burgundy and very pretty and quite large and… totally not working. I actually haven’t pulled it out in months. Although my hand-dyed paper and handwritten pages were lovely, they made it not fun to work on – just too time consuming! So, I have a tentative plan for something more usable and a lot less work.

I’d like it to have a scrapbook-y, altered art sort of feel although I’ve decided that there is nothing wrong with typing the pages which is sure to make for a lot less headache. These are the fonts I plan on using:

For Titles:

For Text: HarabaraHand Testdrive

What do you think? Not too over the top? I know I’m going to include pages on my astrological signs and perhaps a natal chart, pages on my heritage, plus the necessary correspondence and Sabbat pages. Any suggestions?

Of course, the biggest question is what the base is going to be – I’m sort of considering going all out on the altered art front and picking up some old books!


6 thoughts on “New (Altered?) Book of Shadows

  1. I don’t think there over the top either. But the size of them should be switched. Title should be bigger and vice verse, plus there beauty will be more apparent and better appreciated.They are beautiful choices though.

    Will you be able to read pages and pages in these fonts without hurting your head? Or if your eyesight starts to decline, do you think you’ll still be able to read it?

    1. Oh, the title font is going to be bigger – the image of the other one just happened to come out larger! 🙂 You know, the text font is actually surprisingly readable. That’s one of the reasons I chose it – I would much rather have a handwritten book but my writing leaves something to be desired so I’m going for a happy medium! 🙂

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