Summer Travel Witchcraft Kits

We all know what it’s like to try and bring everything with you on a trip, from the kitchen sink to your new altar trivet. You don’t really need every little piece of your witchy apparatus to travel, but what do you need? Just in time for the summer travel season, I’m bringing you everything you need to put together travel witchcraft kits perfectly tailored to your needs.

The Basic Kit

This kit would work great on its own for a full moon ritual, Sabbat ritual, meditaSummer Travel Witchcraft Kits by The Witch of Howling Creektion or even a small spell over a weekend getaway or short trip. Plus, it can be adapted to any situation with the variations that follow.

Travel Protection Charm Bag
1-5 Battery Operated Candles
CD for Relaxation (Your choice!)
Room Spray Made with Essential Oils (for use in place of incense)
Sea Salt


The Extended Trip Kit

Add one travel protection charm bag per piece of luggage

The Travel by Sea Kit

Small plastic vials for collecting seawater
Add seashells to the charm bags for protection over water

The Travel by Air Kit

Add tiny feathers (or feather down) to the charm bags for protection while flying

For added privacy on any trip, tuck your kit in an inconspicuous place such as a hollow book box (easily found in many craft stores and on Etsy.)

What witchy items do you take with you when you travel?


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