A Potluck Pie Social

I love pie. I think I could probably give Ned, “The Pie Maker,” a run for his money. There’s just something so warm and homey and delicious about a slice of pie, whether it be apple, berry, chocolate silk or my Famous Pumpkin Pie.

Pie bridges the gap between summer and autumn, in the in-between weeks that are the end of August and the beginning of September. So why not celebrate the end of summer with a Potluck Pie Social for friends and family or your coven?

A pie social is the easiest of parties to pull off and it’s great for Sunday afternoon mixing and mingling. Set up a buffet area on a kitchen counter or table with cake plates (sans lids) and sturdy boxes covered in fabric to act as risers and add interest to the display.

Each guest should bring a pie of their choosing (it’s best if you ask ahead of time what flavor they’re bringing so as not to end up with duplicates.) Cut 3×4 pieces of cardstock or parchment paper, fold in half and place in a basket along with pens so when guests arrive they can label their flavors.

As host or hostess, you should provide the savory snacks necessary to break up the onslaught of sweetness. Arrange a variety of crackers and sliced cheeses as well as a wheel of brie with cheese knives on a large platter. Pair with bunches of red and green grapes, sliced apples, prosciutto and salami. Traditional antipasto items such as whole scallions, sautéed mushrooms and olives are also appropriate.

Potluck socials are great fun for any group and a nice way for covens to mingle outside of rituals and Sabbats. It doesn’t have to stop with pie either: why not try a Chili Social or a Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Social?!


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