Yule is Here!

Yes, I know I have been a bit AWOL lately but I promise I haven’t disappeared for good. The holidays are upon us, of course, and starting last weekend, I have six weeks of cooking, wrapping and flurrying to do. Don’t let me fool you though: I love it dearly. Yule, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hannukah… whatever you call it, the winter celebration is my very favorite time of year. Although Autumn’s colorful leaves and Spring’s joyful flowers inspire me in other ways, I am at my best during the holidays, when I can cook and entertain for my friends and family, as I am sure many of you love to do as well.

So don’t give up on me just yet. December 10 will be the Witches Yule Ball with Dana from On the Broomstick, just as planned, and I will be sure to post some recipes and ideas for my favorite Sabbat!


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