5 Pagan Uses for Mason Jars

Mason jars have become a huge trend in event planning and home décor in recent years and there’s no reason they can’t have a pagan spin on them too! These versatile containers come in a range of sizes from small jam jars to large mayonnaise jars and can be used for a wide variety of possibilities, like these:

  1. Mason jars are excellent for starting a witch bottle, no matter the size. Throw in a few bent nails, staples, tangled fishing line, vinegar and whatnot, carefully seal the lid with candle wax and bury near your home for protection.
  2. Place medium-sized mason jars near a window, fill with soil and use as indoor planters for magickal herbs.
  3. Put a twist on the classic “Recipe in a Jar” by layering the dry ingredients of either a magickal recipe such as Herbed Crescent Moon Rolls or a spell and attaching the full recipe and instructions with a piece of ribbon. Be sure to clearly label the jar so you know what the contents are for!
  4. Place tealight or votive candles in small mason jars to protect yourself from the flames during rituals and to keep candles from blowing out. Tie a seasonal-colored ribbon around the neck for a touch of decoration.
  5. Add height and interest to your altar by creating a small shelf out of a wooden plank and two boxes of equal height covered in fabric to arrange mason jars of various sizes and shapes on. Use the jars to organize supplies like extra tealights, runes, dried herbs or other ingredients such as besom bristles or moonwater. Mason jars also make lovely vases for seasonal floral arrangements to bring a bit of life and nature to your table.

Also, I’d like to announce “The Witches’ Compendium,” a series of free e-books I’m working on! They’re each going to focus on a Sabbat and will be released over the next year starting in about a week with the Mabon edition, including some content from the blog, some from Pagan Living and some brand-new never-before-published content as well! I’m quite excited – keep an eye out!

18 thoughts on “5 Pagan Uses for Mason Jars

  1. I’m really excited by your Compendium. I started one ages ago but have never completed so I like your idea of doing chapters at a time. It was meant to be called Compendium too and used like an electronic wiki book of shadows. I know that sounds complicated but it was actually a really cool idea. Good luck with yours, I can’t wait to see it!

  2. My husband and I have stocked up on these jars and we will be using moss inside and glass painting them and putting votive candles in to light up our stone circle we have created for our hand-fasting next year 🙂

    1. what a great idea!!! I love Mason Jars! Have them on the railing in my screen porch filled with different stones (the vase type) and then you drop a glass mini flower pot in the top with a tea light. They are just beautiful in the evening!!!!

  3. new to wordpress. created a blog but cannot figure out how to follow you from it. it says here that i am but does not show on my blog as following. i feel so dumb. also are the compendiums downloadable. they are wonderful and thanks for sharing.

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