Mabon: Ways to Give Thanks

The Witches’ Thanksgiving offers a variety of opportunities to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, no matter how big or small.

Ways to Give Thanks

Write “thank you” notes to people who have made a difference in your life over the past year.

Provide paper and pens for guests to your Mabon dinner to write down what they’re thankful for and then share after the meal.

Compile the notes from the Mabon dinner into a scrapbook and note the year and name on each page. The scrapbook can then be added to each year with new blessings.

Spread the wealth: try to give someone else something that you have that you’re thankful for such as a good meal or warm clothes.

Give thanks to the earth or Mother Nature by planting a tree or cleaning up the garden before winter sets in.



9 thoughts on “Mabon: Ways to Give Thanks

  1. Wonderful idea. ^.^ I love doing things like this. ^.^ It adds a little trace of everybody, their love and joy, to what could otherwise be a time of desolation as winter closes in on us. 🙂

    1. That’s really what I love about Mabon and the other autumn holidays. Although I love winter, it does get long and boring and the autumn and winter holidays brighten life up so much!

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