5 Pagan Uses for White Twinkle Lights

Since the “5 Pagan Uses for Mason Jars” post several months ago was so popular, I thought I’d expand it into an ongoing series of pagan uses for ordinary objects! Today’s focus is on white twinkle lights. As lovely as they are at the holidays, they have all sorts of wonderful uses throughout the year as well.5 Pagan Uses for White Twinkle Lights by The Witch of Howling Creek

  1. Clean out a large, clear glass jar with a handle and wind a string of battery-operated white twinkle lights inside it. Use as a soft, romantic light source during rituals where candles are unavailable.
  2. Weave a strand of white twinkle lights with long pieces of ribbon for a form of knot magick that can be hung up in the home.
  3. A strand of white twinkle lights on an altar could easily represent fire (remember, lights can always take the place of candles when they are unavailable or inappropriate!)
  4. Decorate a small niche or table in your house as a shrine to a particular deity (perhaps a kitchen goddess.) Staple or pin a string of white twinkle lights around the inside walls of the niche to illuminate your sacred space.
  5. Drape strings of white twinkle lights through bushes and plants for a sparkling addition to a moon garden.
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6 thoughts on “5 Pagan Uses for White Twinkle Lights

  1. I just bought a few strands that were on sale after Christmas. I’m looking forward to tucking them into the garden here & there for a little magic in the evenings. Fun!

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