The Witches’ Compendium: Midsummer

Newest installment of the Witches Compendium! Just click the cover to go directly to the free e-book.

The Witches Compendium: Midsummer by The Witch of Howling Creek


2 thoughts on “The Witches’ Compendium: Midsummer

  1. Hi Tenae,   I know I haven’t written in awhile but I have been having a lot of pain and not talking with anyone.  I do want to tell you though, how much I enjoy your posts.  I also have been invited to take part in a cleansing ritual in a sweat lodge by a “Carrier of the Pipe”, he does not call himself a Shaman.  I’m looking forward to that.  My surgery (hip replacement) is scheduled for July 31st so I’m just hanging on until then.  Have a blessed summer and know your posts help and are enjoyed by many people.   Your long distance buddy, Marilyn

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