Sunflowers for Lammas

Lammas is right around the corner! Although some Sabbats zip right by me regretfully, I always manage to find time to celebrate Lammas with corn muffins and an early morning. Corn isn’t the only symbol of the first harvest festival though: sunflowers can also be a part of your celebration. Associated with wealth, prosperity and wisdom, sunflowers face the sun, turning their heads throughout the day. And, of course, their seeds are delicious! Here are a few ideas for incorporating them into your Lammas day:Sunflowers for Lammas by The Witch of Howling Creek

  • Place vases, bowls and glasses of sunflowers, particularly the miniature variety, throughout the house.
  • Having a Lammas party? Float sunflowers and white or yellow candles in a large tub of water for a statement piece.
  • Add sunflower seeds or petals to a prosperity charm bag.
  • Make homemade bird seed including sunflower seeds and place outside.
  • Collect wildflowers and pick up sunflowers to spend an afternoon making arrangements for yourself or family and friends.
  • Cook a meal with sunflower oil instead of vegetable or olive oil.

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