July: Rose Moon Esbat

July is home to the Rose Moon. Isn’t that a lovely name? So sweet and romantic! Here’s a little ritual designed to bring a little romance to your life this hot July:

Sit outside or near a window in view of the full moon. Light a white or pink candle.July: Rose Moon by the Witch of Howling Creek

Perform one or both of the rose and love-related spells below or simply meditate. When you are finished, take a bite of dark chocolate with rose petals (often available at specialty food stores) and a sip of rose tea. Alternate until gone.

Blow out the candle.

Blessed Be.

Rose Moonwater

Muddle rose petals in a jar of spring or distilled water and place in the moonlight. Remove the moonwater before the sun comes up and use it for spells to bring love into your life or strengthen your love for someone. Leave the rose petals in the water or strain them out.

Dreams of Love Charm Bag

Combine rose petals, lavender and whole allspice in a white or pink sachet. Tuck under your pillow to bring love into your life and dreams of what you want your love life to be.



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