50 Ways to Be Pagan Everyday

50 Ways to Be Pagan EverydayOne of the biggest challenges many pagans face on a regular basis is how to bring their religion or spirituality into daily life. After all, most large-scale religions have weekly times to meet for prayer and communion, but most covens are only able to meet for the full moon once a month. And even then, the vast majority of modern pagans are solitary practitioners and might never get a chance to worship or practice with others, let alone regularly. With this problem in mind, I’ve put together a list of 50 ways to be pagan everyday! Some of these are pretty average, mundane tasks but that’s just the point: being pagan is about letting your beliefs infuse every thing you do. The simplest activity can be the most profound prayer.

  1. Pick wildflowers.
  2. Press wildflowers between sheets of wax paper in a heavy book.
  3. Go for a walk in nature.
  4. Stop to smell the roses. Literally.
  5. Light a candle.
  6. Make household products naturally.
  7. Moonbathe.
  8. Sunbathe.
  9. Grow your own herbs.
  10. Sweep the floor.
  11. Take a hot bath.
  12. Sip a cup of herbal tea.
  13. Make sachets of potpourri for various places throughout the house. Use magickal ingredients to turn them into charm bags.
  14. Water the garden by hand.
  15. Take a few minutes to show your cat or dog (or fish) some love.
  16. Keep a small bag of dried lavender or another fragrant herb in a drawer or cabinet and whenever you’re feeling stressed, just pop the bag open for a deep breath of calming aromatherapy.
  17. Take up a hobby such as beading or knitting. Not only does it give you a way to unwind from the stresses of daily life but you’ll always have a beautiful result!
  18. Recycle.
  19. Volunteer to pick up trash or clean up a park.
  20. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or senior center.
  21. Donate to a charity, big or small.
  22. Make homemade foods such as jams or baked goods and give as gifts to family members or neighbors.
  23. Keep a daily journal.
  24. Keep journals for magickal and mundane tasks including spells, gardening and cooking. (This is sort of like a cottage witch spin on a Book of Shadows!)
  25. Read lots and lots of witchy/pagan books.
  26. Read just as many fictional books and let your mind escape.
  27. Put on lipstick, your favorite shoes, your most sparkly bracelet or whatever little thing it is that makes you feel fabulous, even if you’re just spending the day cleaning.
  28. Be proud of your body; splurge a bit on a bra fitting, a personal shopper for the day or some other luxury to help you find your right body image and the style pieces that will make you feel amazing every day. Being pagan is about embracing every part of you and you should always feel awesome in your own skin. (This goes for guys too!)
  29. Unplug (that includes smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, desktops and all the other little gadgets we lug around on a daily basis.)
  30. Go to the beach.
  31. Go to the forest.
  32. Go to the desert.
  33. Go to the mountains.
  34. Go somewhere you’ve never been before.
  35. On the flip side, curl up in bed all day and just relax.
  36. Go camping in your own backyard (pitch a tent and everything.)
  37. Dance.
  38. Sing.
  39. Plant a vegetable garden, even if it’s only one pot of tomatoes.
  40. Help out in a community garden.
  41. Pull weeds.
  42. Adopt an animal from the shelter.
  43. Write a message (or prosperity spell) in a bottle and send it off to sea.
  44. Take a yoga, dance or other exercise class.
  45. Take a drawing, painting or other art class and learn a new skill to express yourself.
  46. Be frugal; go bargain hunting with a friend.
  47. Mix your own perfume.
  48. Make a home-cooked meal.
  49. Sleep under the stars.
  50. Just be you.

16 thoughts on “50 Ways to Be Pagan Everyday

  1. What a beautiful list, I printed it out, some I already do or have done, however, I just love your heartfelt list, its true, and now I have more things I cannot wait to do, that sometimes
    I bet so busy, I forget;) thanks, xox

  2. Seriously get a bra fitting???? LOL!! Sorry, but there is nothing remotely pagan about getting a bra fitting or any of the other items on that list. Whilst it is a lovely list of things one can do, I really don’t see how it relates specifically to paganism – those activities could apply to any spiritual belief system.

    1. Yes, actually, that is exactly the point. Paganism is about connecting with ourselves and the people and world around us not just doing spells and rituals. That’s the point of this list – to think past the altar and to real life.

      1. To JANE: Whilst I tend to agree more than disagree for the most with your comments, I must point out that no Christian will be manipulating energy fields by creating “charm bags”, and I’ve never seen anything about “moon-bathing” in the Bible, either (to name just a couple of the specifically pagan mini-rituals listed. Have a care for your positivity levels, beloved sister, please 🙂 Peace Love Harpiness — thelizzerd — PS: Bless your breasts and go to J.C. Penny (et. al) for a bra fitting. Trust me. — L

  3. What a fantastic post. Well, I think I do nearly most of the things, so there is still little room for improvement ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. This sounds like what I try to do on a daily basis. Witch maybe , pagan maybe , me definitely. It’s a good read thank you.

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