Midnight Margaritas

Seeing as we’re in the midst of a Practical Magic-inspired giveaway and it’s Cinco de Mayo, I just had to do a Midnight Margaritas post! Well, kind of. (Speaking of the giveaway, don’t forget to drop by the post and leave a comment to be entered!)Midnight Margaritas by The Witch of Howling CreekThe first recipe is actually a “Coronarita,” perhaps the simplest and most addictive margarita-ish recipe ever:


2 Coronas
1 can limeade

Mix the limeade as directed on the can. Stir in the Coronas. Chill and serve. Makes 1 pitcher.

The second recipe is a virgin version I invented at my favorite local Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately, as I’ve never actually made it myself, I’ve guesstimated on the amounts:

Virgin Orangarita

1 can orange juice
1 can limeade
Kosher salt

Mix the limeade and orange juice separately. Combine approximately half of the orange juice with half of the limeade (save the remainder for a separate recipe.) Blend the orange-lime mix with ice until it is smooth and crushed. Pour into glasses rimmed with kosher salt. Makes 1 pitcher.

Perhaps not my witchiest post ever, but I think a Midnight Margaritas post is “practically” mandatory for all witchy bloggers!


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