Leftover Eggshell Garden Fertilizer

We all use up a lot of eggs this time of year. But don’t just throw out all those leftover eggshells! Rather, put them to good use as garden fertilizer, a perfect combination of Ostara symbolism.

Rinse and pat dry eggshells and leave on a clean baking sheet in a warm, dry place. Once dry, crush eggshells with a mortar and pestle or with a kitchen mallet and a paper towel.

Sprinkle around roses, potted plants and vegetables or mix into soil.

In the meantime, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!Leftover Eggshell Garden Fertilizer by The Witch of Howling Creek


6 thoughts on “Leftover Eggshell Garden Fertilizer

  1. Yes! I compost all my egg shells. I had wire worms one year in one of the raised beds, but I put some not-completely-crushed eggshells around that plot, and never had a problem with them again.

  2. I have a full cartoon of egg shells held back to use at Ostara. We will be using them to start seeds in. Btw, no need to rinse them out. The egg residue is good for the soil as well.


  3. I do this with all of my leftover eggshells. They get added to the containers on my balcony and so far everything has been happy and healthy.

  4. Great tip- I never pulverized the shells before but it would no doubt be better!

    I used empty eggshells for little seed starting pots last year- they were picturesque and hilarious at the same time as they were always rolling over and away on the plates where I thought they looked so pretty… egg cartons seemed like they would be damp or moldy or something but they are the right shape for the job! You can kind of smuch the eggshell as you plant the tomato plant out.

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