5 Pagan Uses for Wine Corks

The next installment in the Pagan Uses series: 5 Pagan Uses for Wine Corks! Wine corks are ever popular in craft projects and home décor but they are just as useful in a pagan context. So pop open a bottle of your favorite vintage and make a little magick!5 Pagan Uses for Wine Corks by The Witch of Howling Creek

  1. Wine corks can be associated with the same magickal correspondences as wine: union and sharing. Wine is a social drink and reflects that in the magick that is possible with it. For example, consume a bottle of wine with close friends and have everyone write their name on the cork to keep the group close and connected over time.
  2. Use hot glue to adhere wine corks inside a small shadow box for use as a trivet on your altar.
  3. Hot glue wine corks together side by side to form a pentacle shape. Hang on a wall or door from a length of wide ribbon.
  4. Write the names of flowers and herbs you intend to use for magickal and/or edible purposes on wine corks with a permanent marker. Stick the corks onto the ends of sharpened wooden dowels and place in pots as plant markers.
  5. Place a small vase of flowers inside a larger vase and fill the space between the two with wine corks. Place in the center of a communal table.

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