Valentine’s Day: Champagne Magick

Valentine’s Day is kind of a big deal in a flower shop. Yes, it’s a very commercial holiday but when I look around the shop this time of year, with all the hearts and roses everywhere and the adorable old men who still come in every February to buy a little something for their sweeties, I’m reminded that there is magick in even the most Hallmark of days.

Last year I wrote about chocolate and roses at Valentine’s Day, perhaps the two most iconic symbols of the holiday. But, wait, there’s at least one more…

Let’s not forget champagne!Champagne Magick by The Witch of Howling Creek

As one would expect, champagne is magickally associated with love and lust and being that it’s a volatile substance to begin with, it should be treated with special care when used in any rituals or spells. (Also, remember never to misuse love spells and to focus them on yourself, not on others.)

Champagne Magick

  • Mix organic rosewater into inexpensive champagne or sparkling wine for a beverage that is both romantic aphrodisiac and magick potion. Consume the potion with your partner or use it to replace a few tablespoons of the liquid in any sweet treat.
  • Collect champagne corks from romantic evenings, writing the date on the base of each. Fill a vase with them or create a fun craft project such as a cork board or trivet to keep them around in an attractive or useful way, thereby extending the life and energy of your romantic relationship.
  • Tie pink and red ribbons around the neck of a champagne bottle for a bit of a knot spell that will add to the already potent magick of the champagne itself. Attach a note with a handwritten incantation regarding opening your heart to love, spicing up a relationship or preserving love. Tuck the bottle away for an appropriate (or spontaneous) moment. Consider also tying on a few trinkets or pieces of jewelry that have special meaning for you and/or your partner.



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