First Magickal Flowers of Spring

Imbolc brings with it the first few buds popping up through the snow and we’ll see more and more of them over the next few months. Like all flowers, trees and herbs, these first blossoms of spring have magickal correspondences and can First Magickal Flowers of Spring by The Witch of Howling Creekbe used in a variety of spells and rituals.

Crocus: New love, Intuition

Daffodils: Love, Fertility

Narcissus: Harmony, Tranquility

Pussy Willow: Love, Healing, Moon magick

Snowdrops: To overcome grief

There are a few common threads among the correspondences of early bloomers like these, particularly love, fertility and the overcoming of some obstacle. Like most magickal associations, these are based in the plant’s position in nature: the return of spring and fertile ground despite the harsh conditions of winter.

For an easy early spring spell utilizing the magick of these brave newcomers, first go for a walk out in the chilly February air. When you come across an early blooming flower, gently pick it and carry it with you the rest of your walk, repeating a hope or wish for the coming spring (aloud or silently.) When you get home, fold a piece of copy paper around the flower and tuck it in a heavy book to press and hold in the energy of your wish.


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