How to Make the 2013 Color Trends Magickal

I’m not the type to follow the trends, so to speak, but every year there are new ideas in fashion and home décor and they can be an interesting read. One of my favorite such reads is the Pantone Fashion Color Trends which are released a few times a year and offer inspiration in a myriad of fields other than fashion. Even witches can put these color trends to magickal good use!

Colors can be used in magick in a variety of ways. Combine different colored cords or ribbons in knot magick, use a certain color of sachet for charm bags or simply wear a particular color to encourage a certain result.

How to Make the 2013 Color Trends Magickal by The Witch of Howling Creek

Dusk Blue & Monaco Blue

Blues encourage wisdom, patience, peace and loyalty. Throw on a Monaco Blue scarf before a job interview for a sophisticated touch that will help the world to see you as wise and insightful. Meanwhile, a Dusk Blue ribbon used in knot magick would be an excellent choice for a spell regarding a need for patience.

Grayed Jade & Tender Shoots

Greens are related to beginnings, fertility, luck and harmony. Select a Grayed Jade paint color for the walls of a bedroom or other sanctuary for a harmonious, relaxing space. Take the “Tender Shoots” idea a bit more literally and plant wheatgrass or another vibrant green plant in simple containers to give your luck a boost.

African Violet

Although purples are typically associated with spirituality and clairvoyance, lighter shades like African Violet are more closely connected to the magickal properties of the herb, lavender, including sleep, dreams and meditation. Keeping that in mind, select an African Violet sachet for a Sweet Dreams charm bag.


The scent known as “Fresh Linen” is a soft, soothing fragrance well-suited to relaxing spaces and lazy winter afternoons as is this beautiful Linen color. Rather than a sachet, tie up a few calming herbs in a piece of linen for a sweet, DIY charm bag.

Lemon Zest

Yellows are all about friendship, healing and creativity. Lemon Zest would be an excellent choice for a kitchen accent wall to infuse the space with bright, cheerful energy and encourage wonderful bonds between the people that gather there.


Oranges are related to happiness and kindness. Nectarine is the perfect touch of color to brighten up any outfit on a rainy winter day and boost your spirits and the spirits of those around you. Try it with a single accessory like a scarf or headband or go bold with an orange peacoat or leggings.

Poppy Red

Reds can have a wide variety of properties but this orange-tinted Poppy Red is associated with energy, ambition and motivation. Add a Poppy Red cord to a knot spell for employment or paint an accent wall in your office to keep you motivated.

and the Pantone Color of the Year:


This deep teal is correlated to a sense of peace and clarity, the perfect feeling to start the year off with. Infuse it into 2013 with small touches throughout your life: purchase a new Emerald piece of clothing that makes you feel good, find a great Emerald vintage vase or pot to fill with flowers again and again or tuck a small knotted piece of Emerald ribbon into your purse to always carry peace and clarity wherever you go.


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