Happy New Year: Magick for a Fresh Start

Can you believe it? The new year is upon us! 2013 has dawned! I like to start January off with a clean slate: we began taking our holiday decorations down on the 27th so that by New Year’s Eve, the house is fresh and ready for everything to begin all over again. Although the house does seem a bit empty the first week or so, I do a couple of things to gradually come down off the decked-out high of the holidays.

  • I take down all of the colored lights and garland both inside and out but leave up the white twinkle lights. They lend a soft, wintery sparkle that is cheerful but decidedly not holiday.
  • I round up all of the white candles in the house and place them on the coffee table, the top of the desk and throughout the living and dining areas. Even when they aren’t lit, they are a calm, soothing sight.

These are even great preparations for the winter white fire festival of Imbolc! Of course, there are also some magickal preparations you can do to get ready for a fresh start in 2013.

  • Weave cleansing and protection herbs such as sage and rosemary into a green, fragrant wreath for the front door. Not only will it cleanse and protect the entry to your sanctuary but all those who enter it.
  • Tie cleansing herbs onto a broom or besom and sweep the house out, starting at the front door and working your way to the back door. For extra cleansing power, scoop up the dust and dirt (leave out any paperclips or other tidbits that might have wound up in there) and toss them into the fireplace to burn away the remainders of 2012.
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