Santa Claus is Coming to Town…

Magaly over at Pagan Culture asked her readers a few days ago what traditions they have for Yule and/or Christmas. I responded with a short mention of the extensive collection of Santas my dad and I have given my mother over the years and, of course, she asked for photos. So here we go! (There are quite a few more Santa figurines than what is shown here but some of the photos didn’t turn out very well.)

Santa's Coming!

The 2008 and 2011 Santas with a few other holiday trinkets.366a298d-1993-48c4-9b26-a6fdc27c337a

Several of the oldest Santas up on the kitchen cabinet.


The 2009 Santa (my personal favorite) and my mom’s favorite photograph of my dad and I.c032db64-e860-4aa3-8267-d0127fea714d

This one isn’t date but isn’t he lovely?e3f58fa6-1e0f-4775-973c-20278f440014

The 2003, 2010 and an undated Santa.e7932805-af32-46f4-bb5f-024299478706

Cowboy Santa!

If I can manage to snap a few more photos, I’ll upload more of the holiday decorations. What about you? What are your solstice traditions?


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