Magickal Melodies

Music is such an important part of life and of witchcraft. Personally, my preferences typically tend to run in the jazz realm with my glovebox mostly featuring disorganized Bobby Darrin, Michael Buble and Harry Connick, Jr. CDs. However, when I’m getting ready for a ritual I tend towards more Celtic, vaguely bluegrass and the ambiguous “world” genre that my friends and I grew up listening to at Scottish games and Renaissance faires. There’s something about the violins, the bagpipes and the unidentifiable Gaelic that really speaks to me.

So… I thought I’d share a bit of my ritual playlist with you! Some bands are more recognizable like The Corrs and Nickel Creek, others are more obscure and, yes, that is the Angel theme song you see in there because it is absolutely beautiful. What about you, readers? What music gets you in the magickal mood?

Rebel Heart by The Corrs









Sanctuary by Darling Violetta









Gypsy by Kan’nal







Broken by Logan’s Well




Sweet Afton by Nickel Creek









Battle of Waterloo by Old Blind Dogs


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