Pagan Meme: A Little About Me

This meme has been floating around the blogosphere for a while and it has some interesting questions that are different from some of the same old-same old so I thought I’d fill it out! Thanks to Magaly – I’m pretty sure I picked it up originally over at Pagan Culture.

Do you have a magical/Pagan name? No; I believe our given names are magical in and of themselves, having been lovingly chosen by someone who cared (at least in my lucky case.)
What does it mean?  Well, my given name means ‘tenacious!’
How did you find Paganism? I think my first exposure was through a friend’s mother in elementary school.
How long have you been practicing? About a year and a half but studying for about five. I was a little slow on the uptake.
Solitary or group practitioner?   Solitary
What is your path?     
Informal Kitchen/Cottage Witch
Are you out of the broom closet? Very vaguely. My best friend (more like a sister) knows and my ever-intuitive mother might as well know. I don’t actively try to hide it, for the most part, but I also don’t talk about it.


Who is your patron God? None. I believe in the very ambiguous and nameless God/Goddess.
Who is your patron Goddess? See above, although I’ve always been very drawn to Hebe, the Greek goddess of youth. She’s a wonderful maiden goddess and I’ve always been a fan of Hera, her mother as well.
What Gods do you worship? Again, see above.
Do you fear darkly aspected Gods/Goddess, or rather respect them? I respect them, but sometimes I think fear is warranted. One of the reasons I’ve never identified strongly with Wicca is because I do believe there is an evil force in our world – maybe it doesn’t have horns and a tail but I do think there’s something out there that influences us just as there are good spirts/gods/goddesses/etc. I’ve always believed dark aspects are necessary for us to understand why “light” aspects are such a good thing!

Do you worship the Christian God? It’s a complicated question. The short answer is no, but I respect him and definitely respect the people who do worship him. I prefer a god that’s less defined by the rules and constructs of humans is all.

Do you ever worship animals? No
Or plants? No


Do you regularly commune with nature? Not as often as I probably ought to

Ever walked barefoot in the woods? I have very sensitive feet… Plus, rattlesnakes!
Taken a camping trip just to talk to nature? I was dragged camping many times as a child by my dad but… no.
Describe the moment you felt closest to Mother Earth? I love sitting with a view of the beach and a cup of tea, just breathing in salt air.

Do you have a familiar? …Maybe. I’ve never felt any desire or need to have a familiar but my kitten, Pumpkin, turned up as a stray on my doorstep two nights before the Harvest Moon. If that’s not familiar material, I’m not sure what is! So… we shall see.

Have you ever called upon the powers of an animal in ritual? No, I’m very loose on ceremony in rituals.
Or a plant? No.
Do you hug trees? Never had the urge although I’ve always been drawn to the smooth bark of birch trees?
Give them gifts?   If I take leaves or branches for a ritual, I usually leave water or something in return.  
What is your favourite flower to work with? There’s something inherently magickal about roses for me but I also love any really soft, feminine flowers like lisianthus.
What is your favourite tree to work with?   Willow

W H E E L . O F . T H E . Y E A R

What is your favourite holiday? It’s such an impossible question. My favorite secular holiday would have to be Valentine’s Day. In terms of Sabbats, I love to be able to decorate the house and go all out with Samhain, Yule and Ostara. But, the Sabbats I connect with most on a spiritual level are Imbolc and Mabon. So, yes, impossible question.
What is your least favourite holiday? Secular is April Fool’s Day. I just don’t get it. Sabbat is probably Beltane, which is unusual I know, but I always feel like it’s a group holiday and it just doesn’t suit me.

Have you ever held a ritual on a holiday? Yes.
Ever taken a day off work to celebrate a Pagan holiday? No
Do you celebrate Yule on the 21 rather than the 25? I celebrate Yule on the 21st and Christmas with my family.
Have you ever felt the veil thin? Sometimes in dreams – a friend who died in a car accident shows up sometimes and when I wake up I feel like she was really there. Samhain I feel it, for sure, especially years like this one where it was dark and drizzly. I don’t think I’ve ever really felt it on Beltane though.
Ever danced the Maypole? Never, I admit
Know what the Maypole symbolizes? Haha – hmm, I believe the kosher word is “potency?”
How do you usually celebrate the Pagan holidays? I almost always do a small ritual and try to cook something appropriate. Obviously Yule, Ostara and Samhain get much more treatment.

Do you use Tarot?   No.
Do you use runes?   No.
Do you use a pendulum? No but I’m interested in starting.
Do you use dowsing rods? No.

Do you use astrology? I’ve always been very interested in it and would love to learn more about doing charts, etc. I know quite a bit about my own charts but I know there’s a lot I don’t understand.
Any other form of divination? Dreams, chartomancy.


What was the first spell you did? A garden blessing
What was the latest? *wince* Honestly, I’m not entirely certain. It was quite some time ago: possibly a boat blessing.
Ever done a love spell? I tried to do a clarity spell once to help me focus more on being open to love and all that jazz. It totally failed in the respect I had intended but I gained clarity on a cloudy issue I had expected to have to live with forever so… kind of.   

A job spell? No
A healing spell? Sometimes
What was the most powerful spell you’ve ever performed? I don’t really do “powerful” spells. More blessings and good luck charms, that sort of thing.   

What deities do you usually call on? I typically just use the generic “Goddess.”

C R Y P T O Z O O L O G Y 

Do you believe in Vampires? I think they are too prevalent in world mythology to be entirely of our imaginations.
Werewolves? Maybe some kind of uber-wolf
Shapeshifters? No
Elves? Depends on the definition. Legolas-elf, no. House brownie elf, yes.
Faeries? Absolutely
Dragons? No
Nymphs? The Narnia lover in me says yes.
Sprites? As with nymphs.
Mermaids? Again, I think they’re too fantastic and widespread for humans to have completely dreamt up.
Satyrs? No
Ever “seen” any of the above? I believe I saw faeries when I was a kid.
Ever talked to any of the above? No
Ever used any of the above in magic?  I don’t really “use” these sorts of things in magic although I have a couple of Midsummer faerie spells I wrote but haven’t used.
Do you have one of them as a personal guardian? I don’t believe so


Do you see a rabbit, a man or a woman in the moon? A man, although I of course associate the moon with the Goddess. Just a traditionalist, I suppose.

Own a cat? Yes, two. Pumpkin, who you’ve already heard about, is a little tortoiseshell/calico. Plus, a striped tabby named Jerry because he looked like a field mouse when we brought him home. (He’s sort of dating my dog. It’s a little weird.)
When you meditate, what does your happy place look like? I am terrible at meditation but my happy place has a perfectly overgrown garden, a wrought iron fence and a foggy beach close by.
Do you work with Chakras?  No
Do you believe in past lives? Definitely. My mom put that in my head when I was very small and I’ve always felt this isn’t my first go around.

If so, describe a few briefly: I have a very strong connection to the 30s and 40s.
Do you believe in soul mates? Yes. My family has a long history of very happy love stories.
Do you have a spirit guide? No.

Is it always love and light? No – I have a temper and a short fuse but I usually burn out quickly and go back to being happy!



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