10 Things I Want to Learn

Seeing as Samhain is the pagan New Year, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the pagan-y things I’d like to learn in the coming year. Resolutions aren’t really my thing but it’s nice to have a few goals in the back of your head of what you want to know by next Samhain rather than what you want to accomplish.

  1. Study astrology
  2. Learn to read tea leaves
  3. Memorize correspondences I use regularly
  4. Learn more about the bond between witch and familiar (I never thought of myself as wanting or needing a familiar but when little miss Pumpkin turned up as a stray on my porch two nights before the Harvest Moon… No witch could ignore a sign like that.)
  5. Learn more about the ancient traditions of paganism and witchcraft in Scotland and Italy and how I can incorporate them into my own practice
  6. Take a yoga class (okay, some resolutions can be a good thing! Although, admittedly, I’ve made this resolution every year for years.)
  7. Find ways to connect more to the Sabbats I’ve always struggled with: Beltane, Midsummer and Lammas
  8. Study palmistry
  9. Learn more about past lives (potentially my own)
  10. Find a way to compile everything into a workable Book of Shadows



6 thoughts on “10 Things I Want to Learn

  1. After watching Laurie Cabot’s video in which she showed those gorgeous bos (complete with crystals and artwork) in her store, I want to learn how to make my own journal and turn it into a bos of sorts.

  2. I know of two books that might be of help if you don’t already own them, Italian Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi and The Enchanted Cat by Ellen Dugan

  3. Those are some wonderful goals, even if you can only dig into them a small amount at first. Choose two or three to focus on at first.
    You’ve given me a few ideas for how to study this winter.

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