All Hallow’s Grim: The Darker Side of Fae

Welcome to my All Hallow’s Grim: The Darker Side of Fae celebration!

I’m a big fan of faeries. I was Tinkerbell in my 4th grade school play. I even attended FaerieWorlds in Oregon several years ago with some friends and it was a blast! But, of course, not all faeries are about spreading cheer and giving your springtime garden a boost. This is the perfect time of year to pay a little homage to the darker side of fae with Magaly’s fabulous party. For more fae fun, check out the rest of the entries here!

With my Celtic heritage, I thought I’d share a bit about my favorite creepy Scottish faeries (although the British and Welsh claim them too, admittedly): the will o’ the wisp. Although Disney Pixar’s latest animated creation, Brave, might have lead a few people to believe that the will o’ the wisp are friendly little spirits, they definitely tend to be far darker in real life experiences (don’t get me wrong, I adored the movie. The wisps were about the only thing they got wrong!)

The will o’ the wisp are reported to appear as enticing lights, wavering and floating in the mist. As a person moves closer to them, they seem to grow farther and farther away, leading them away from safe roads until they suddenly find themselves lost in the dark. Not all wisps are completely malicious though: some of them might help you get back to safety if you treat them right and a few optimistic legends sight them as guarding treasure!

Set up a few of your own wisps to honor the little rascals this Samhain: simply ball up strings of white twinkle lights and wrap in cheesecloth, then suspend from trees! They’ll sway and twinkle in the breeze and give your yard a spooky glow.

For a smaller scale, indoor will o’ the wisp, try placing “fairy berries” or other small, glowing lights in a mossy terrarium, perhaps with a creative Halloween theme like this one:

Thanks for joining me this lovely, chilly October day and thank you Magaly for hosting a great party!!


8 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Grim: The Darker Side of Fae

  1. Ahh, we call them ‘Irrlichter’ in German.
    Same lore, they lead you astray, so that you get lost (‘verirren’).
    I love the glass jar, that is an awesome decoration. 🙂

  2. Love your tiny home ready for a passing Wil O’ the Wisp to accommodate 🙂 The Celtic heritage is perfect to delve into to take inspiration for Magaly’s blog party and I love your results here!

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