Coolest TV & Film Witches’ Spaces: Homes, Shops and More!

I envy my television witch counterparts one thing: very, very cool homes, workshops and hangouts. Ask just about any witch what her dream home looks like and she’s bound to respond with “the Practical Magic house!” (Almost every day I drive by a certain tall white house with a lovingly overgrown garden and an attic window perpetually propped open and find myself sighing wishfully…)

So, here in the heart of our most favorite month, without further ado, the five most envy-inducing witches’ hangouts:

5. The Charmed Attic

Packed full of family relics (some magickal and some mundane), the Halliwells’ attic is really a mostly-finished room with an overabundance of clutter. Those beautiful windows are probably the icing on the cake, although, of course, the Book of Shadows on its tall stand is the room’s crowning jewel.

4. Grey House on The Good Witch series

The Grey House is a wonderful old stone home complete with ivy growing on the walls, a romantic ghost story and a real live witch. Cassandra Nightingale, a relative of the home’s original owner, may not always call herself a witch but her actions definitely speak louder than her words.

3. Verbena Botanicals in Practical Magic

Sally’s shop is very simplistic (almost modern) in design but the simple green and white color scheme and the shelves loaded with intriguing glass bottles of all shapes and sizes keep the atmosphere fresh and inviting, not to mention witchy!

2. Devon’s Day Spa on The Gates

Although Devon is most definitely an evil witch and most of her magick is rather frowned upon, she was a fascinating character on a too-short-lived show and her shop was nothing short of gorgeous. All those drying herbs and vials and trinkets are enough to make a witch giddy!

1. The Practical Magic Conservatory

Although everything in the Practical Magic house, from the garden to the porch to the kitchen to the attic, is meticulously detailed and enviable, it is the conservatory that really captures my heart. The green and white color scheme from the shop is continued but with far more variance in light and shadow, the plants growing over shelves, glass cloches filled with mysterious trinkets and wonderful old windows letting in an abundance of light. Pure magick!

And you? What are your favorite witches’ spaces?


10 thoughts on “Coolest TV & Film Witches’ Spaces: Homes, Shops and More!

  1. I haven’t seen The Charmed Attic but now I want to. What a delicious room! I’d love a room like that.
    Practical Magic also has a lovely kitchen and luckily, I’ve got a stove just like their’s. I often put the lime in the coconut and dance in front of it! 🙂

  2. Are you sure all you see in the conservatory is a green and white color play and plants? Sweetie, there’s an adorable man in that picture, look closely. 😉

    These are some of my favorite ‘movie houses’ thanks for gathering them together.


  3. You were reading my mind! I had hoped to feature some cool witchy spaces for the Bewitching Home party but I am running sooo late! Perhaps due to all my domestic disasters.

  4. I envy all of the “television witches” their awesome homes and hangouts as well. 😉
    I also find the abandoned house from The Secret Circle TV series very nice and perfect for practicing Magic.
    Blessed be,

  5. I have long admired the very same spaces you featured on your post, and collect witchy looking spaces too on pinterest…but there are witchy spaces on “mainstream” movies that are sort of undercover, or not overt. For example, the giant house of Susan Saradon’s character in Bull Durham– was that not a witchy house or what??? The kitchen, the bathtub, the porch with the swing….all of it was pretty awesome –and that shrine in her living room– do you all remember it? It was in the last scene of the movie where she lit a million red candles, complete with photos and memorabilia and they danced to the old timey music in front of it when he (Kevin Costner) came home finally. That was an altar extraordinaire if I ever saw one!

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