Le Mysterieux Carnival Blog Party (+ Moonlit Herbals Giveaway!)

Accueil, Accueil! Learn the first initial of your true love’s name! Only a quarter to learn your future!

Speak with Mademoiselle Carlier, gypsy witch of the forests of France… Learn your future and your true love’s fate…
(The adorable pin-up witch is courtesy of Awkward Moments Greeting Cards on Etsy!)

Just a mere quarter…

Peel the apple, the fruit of wisdom and power and knowledge…

Gently blow on the peel with thoughts of love and romance and drop it in the cool, clear water… now with patience, the apple works its magick…

Is it an A? Perhaps a Z? Who is your true love? A kiss (or two) from the mademoiselle for good fortune in finding them…

The Mademoiselle Carlier may be just a figment of our imaginations (not to mention a lovely woman in a 1910 painting) but you really can discover the first initial of your true love’s name with nothing but a bowl of water and a simple apple peel.

Just as the gypsy witch’s instructions require:

  • Focus on thoughts of love, romance and finding your soulmate.
  • Peel a strip from an apple, as long as you can make it.
  • Blow gently on the peel.
  • Drop it into the water.
  • Wait for the apple to form the shape of a letter!

Want to make a little carnival magick of your own? Just leave a comment to be entered into our giveaway courtesy of Moonlit Herbals: the Carnie Folk candle! It smells like irresistibly buttery caramel popcorn… THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED: CONGRATULATIONS TO IESADORA!!

For more of “Le Mysterieux Carnival” check out the blog party website: http://www.lemysterieuxcarnival.blogspot.com


30 thoughts on “Le Mysterieux Carnival Blog Party (+ Moonlit Herbals Giveaway!)

    1. Hello! Because I have not heard back from the first winner I drew for the Moonlit Herbals giveaway, you are next in line! If you could send me your mailing info via the contact page, we will get that shipped out to you right away.

    1. Hello again Iesadora!! I’m sorry I haven’t heard from you yet regarding your candle. If you could please send me your mailing information via the contact page in the next 24 hours, that would be great. If I don’t hear from you, I will be giving the candle to another commenter. Thank you!

  1. Great post, I love the photos and that candle! Thanks for leaving a comment on my carnival post, I’m glad you liked it.

    Blessings, Victoria from Brushstrokes

  2. When i was young my mother said you would see your true loves initial if you threw the peel over your left shoulder… Can’t remember now if it was my future husband’s initial or not… Great post, stop by mine or a VERY tiny giveaway!

  3. The season is upon us and the candle is definitely a jewel for the season. Would love to win it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.

  4. I can already smell the candle fragrancing the whole house as the wind blows through the windows.. Lovely post with witchery combined. Thanks for stopping by my blog.Can’t wait till Friday’s “Bewitching HOme “.

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