The Witches’ Compendium: Mabon

I am very, very excited to present The Witches’ Compendium, my new free e-book series! The first volume focuses on Mabon and I plan to release one for each Sabbat over the course of the next year. There is some brand new, never-before-published content and much of it is in a “blog-to-book” format with quite a bit of the content coming from the blog plus I included a few things I wrote for Pagan Living. Just click on the cover image below to go directly to the book!

The book is divided into the following sections (and each of the subsequent volumes will follow the same format):

Hearth & Home – home decor ideas and housekeeping
Magick & Witchcraft – correspondences, rituals and spells
Honor & Celebrate – activities and crafts
Fete & Feast – party plans, menus and recipes

There are loads of general Sabbat books out there and many of them are really wonderful like Ellen Dugan’s Seasons of Witchery and Llewellyn’s Sabbat Almanac. However, I wanted the Compendium to be focused on incorporating the Sabbats into daily living and a bit more specifically domestic and cottage witch-centered (and a bit less Witch 101) than most of what is currently available. So, although you won’t find history or explanation of the Sabbats in these e-books, you are going to get all sorts of original ideas for how to celebrate outside of a circle.

I hope you all enjoy this first installment!


14 thoughts on “The Witches’ Compendium: Mabon

  1. Merry meet!
    I read your Witches’ Compendium, Mabon edition, and I alsolutely love it! 🙂
    Thank you very much for decoration ideas, recipes and the Mabon ritual. You are such a good writer! Can’t wait for the Samhain edition! 😉
    Blessed be,

  2. Your first ebook is brilliant and I will look eagerly forward to your next ones now. I’ve just sat and read it through and love every bit. I don’t celebrate Mabon myself but there are many ideas in it I could use with Harvest Home, as festivals they are very similar. The recipes sound delicious. I love your decorating idea’s of Burlap and Lace and your thoughts on their symbolism. I’m going to print it out tomorrow to put in my folder.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge.

    J x

    1. Oops, that was my fault – the link was broken from when I updated the blog template! It should work now – just click on the cover image at the top of the page. 🙂

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