5 Witchy Good Deeds Worthy of Paige Halliwell

There is always a lot of talk around the pagan blogosphere about how pagans and witches often talk a good talk about doing good and spreading peace and whatnot but there isn’t a lot of action involved as well.

When I think about witchy good deeds and the like, Paige Halliwell (did she go by Halliwell or was it Matthews??) always seems to come to mind. Trying to find that balance between living her life and doing good was a big part of her character and I always liked that it wasn’t all about fighting demons for Paige. She went through a lot of transformation in her five years on Charmed from being a social worker to being a temp in various odd jobs (all of which turned out to need her special witchy touch, of course) to being in charge of Magic School and nurturing the next generation.

So here are 5 Witchy Good Deeds to make even the enchanting Paige Halliwell proud:

Operation Circle Care – I believe I’ve mentioned them before but this is a really wonderful organization that works very hard to send pagan-related care packages to pagan and Wiccan soldiers overseas. They take donations throughout the year and especially at Yuletide.

Pagan Educational Network – This group is all about educating people about paganism through ministries and other public programs. They take donations of clothes, books, money, etc.

SpiralScouts – This is a pagan version of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts for parents and children who want an experience more focused on their own faith. You can purchase various items to help them fundraise or, better yet, start a chapter in your own area and become a leader.

The Druid Network – This group is actually an official charity and although they are specifically Druid focused, they have a number of interesting programs in effect including Trees for Schools.

But that’s only four! That’s because the best way to do a good deed is to not try and seek out pagan-only groups but to get out there and volunteer in more public ways such as at your local library, in a classroom, at a soup kitchen or at another community event or organization. Good deeds don’t have to be pagan in nature to be “witchy!” Just ask yourself… WWPD?


8 thoughts on “5 Witchy Good Deeds Worthy of Paige Halliwell

  1. Thanks for these suggestions! I looked for a place to send care packages for Pagan soldiers before but never had any luck. Since I live in a very military area, I think this would be a great project for my study group to tackle!

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