The Witch of Howling Creek on Pinterest

I ❤ Pinterest. It’s amazing and super addictive! If you don’t have an account yet, definitely get on the waiting list!

My page doesn’t have a ton of pins on it yet but it’s going to be a really great place to organize ideas for new blog posts, not to mention Pagan Living. Plus I think I’ll be doing a monthly Pinterest round-up from now on…

Right now I have boards for each of the Sabbats, Esbats, sweet and savory recipes, plus things like fashion, home, etc. Any other suggestions?

I also need to get a few new people to follow so let me know if you have an account. Currently my favorite Pinterest folk are The White Witch of Whidbey and Vicki Horton. Fabulous taste!

Click the screen capture to visit Pinterest and start following me!

Monthly Pinterest Round-Up


7 thoughts on “The Witch of Howling Creek on Pinterest

  1. I love how organized your boards are. I really need to go in and redo mine. I may take a bit of influence from your boards. I started following you. I like pinterest but I really wish they had a mobile app or an easy way to pin things from mobile.

      1. I have a Nook Color I was gifted over a year back. It’s my favorite way to read some things and social media. Especially since I can be doing it while I cook! lol If I could be pinning stuff too oh boy would I be in trouble.

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