Top Ten Lammas Decorating Ideas

We basically missed out on Lammas last year here on The Witch of Howling Creek seeing as the blog had only been up and running for three days! So I thought I’d do up a full-on Top Ten list of Lammas decorations:

  1. Tie dried Indian corn cobs together with a length of burlap ribbon or raffia and hang up in a window or over the mantelpiece as a garland.
  2. Create or purchase beautiful corn dollies using dried corn husks, dyed raffia, beads and other craft supplies. Place the dollies on your Lammas altar or as decoration in the living space.
  3. Fill vases with wheat stalks and place around the house.
  4. Separate stalks of wheat into five even bundles and cut off to about 12 inches. Place the the stalks on top of each other to form a pentacle and tie together with raffia. Hang over the mantelpiece.
  5. Peel the labels off beer bottles, especially those with unique shapes or colors, and use as vases.
  6. Put an autumn-spin on the classic Yule popcorn string. Just string pieces of popcorn onto a green or yellow ribbon and place a knot every ten pieces or so to break it up.
  7. Instead of hiding all the fresh fruits and veggies of the season away in the pantry, fill every mismatched bowl you have with them and set them out for all to see.
  8. Gather summer herbs such as basil and thyme and bundle each type together with rubber bands and ribbons. Hang upside down in the kitchen to dry (and decorate!)
  9. Use twine in unexpected ways, such as wrapped in wide bands around mason jars.
  10. Set up the Lammas altar in the kitchen so you can enjoy its energy while using up all those delicious summer treats.

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Lammas Decorating Ideas

  1. I really want to start decorating now that I have my own place, and I wanted your opinion- when you decorate for a sabbat, how long do you tend to leave up decorations? Do you decorate a week prior and leave up a week past? Having my own place finally opens whatever I want up to me and I’ve got so many ideas!!!

    1. Hi there! Congratulations on getting your own place. 🙂 This is a tough one as it really varies depending on the Sabbat. My fall decorations go up as soon as I can justify it, so the week or two before Mabon and stay up through Thanksgiving (late November.) I put out the few things that are specifically Samhain somewhere around the second week or so of October and take down as soon as its November.
      My Yule decorations go up at Thanksgiving and stay through the end of December (I try to have everything down by January 1 for a fresh start for the new year.)
      Otherwise, my decorating is more seasonal than by Sabbat. I use lots of fresh flowers, for example, in spring and early summer. Generally speaking, a week prior and a week after is probably a good rule of thumb for smaller Sabbats like Imbolc and Lammas!

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