Happy One Year Blogoversary + A Giveaway!

Happy One Year Anniversary to me! 😀 It’s been great and I honestly can’t believe how much support I’ve garnered in the past year. All you lovely readers are absolutely awesome! As thanks, I’ve decided to do a giveaway of Llewellyn’s 2013 Sabbats Almanac:

All of their almanacs are always fantastic and since so much of the blog is focused on sabbats, I thought this would be appropriate. All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me what your favorite sabbat is (I’d love to hear why too!)

Then on Lammas (Wednesday, August 1st) I will randomly select one of you and announce the winner! Thanks again for a fantastic first year on the web!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Note: I’m going to be in the process of updating/renovating the blog today so if you stop by and it looks like a demolition project… I promise it won’t stay that way for long! All right: the demolition project is over! Everything that used to be in the sidebar can now be found in the links across the top including “Topics” and “Blogroll.” The only things missing are the archives and the email subscription but you can still access both by clicking on any of the links at the top of the screen. If I can figure out a way to get either or both of those up there too, I will!


10 thoughts on “Happy One Year Blogoversary + A Giveaway!

  1. Samhain, not only is it my favorite time of year, but it is also my anniversary as well. Autumn is filled with special events for my family and I.

  2. Congratulations for your one year anniversary, Tenaé! (Mine is nearing too.)
    My favourite sabbath in Samhain (I realise that the two commenters before me said the same, but it’s true). I love the autumn, and when Samhain begins, I feel this special atmosphere in the air. I love to decorate my house with pumpkins, dried leaves and chesnuts. I sometimes call Samhain The Night of the Witches, so I’m not too suspicious before my friends and family.
    Bright blessings,

    P. S.: Love you new theme.

  3. To be honest, I actually have a favorite trio, being Lammas, Mabon and Samhain. The harvest always sparks something in me and, while I always love the standard Halloween and Fall decorations, as I’ve walked my path the harvest stirs more and more into my soul. I’m working on both activities for each on a yearly basis as well as what I’d like to do traditionally every year when I eventually start a family. The smell of the air changes from each, starting with the warm, still humid and muggy summer smell of Lammas, where the harvest is only seen if you go to farms or harvest yourself, along with lovely inflow of bread. Then to the lovely crisp yet still warm smell of autumn Mabon apples with cider, where the leaves just start to turn and that dusky smell tickles your nose. Then finally the lovely Samhain, where that dusty leaf smell overwhelms you and the nights are cold enough for goosebumps and the frost isn’t too far behind, your pumpkins are the last bit of spice around (save for US Thanksgiving and associated things) and you just want to shiver in delight every time the wind howls through the trees. It’s this time of year I love, and it will always hold my heart!

  4. samhain is my absolute favorite, but beltane is a close second. when the walls between worlds are thin i feel a certain electricity in the air that thrills me for days! the only large ritual i’ve led so far has been samhain and it was the most amazing experience. beltane is similar, but there’s the child-like glee and joy in it that samhain doesn’t have. i can really cut loose and run around like a madwoman on beltane and the fairies like that! ;P

  5. It’s literally a tie between Mabon and Samhain, Mabon for it’s balance, plus I love the story of Persephone and Demeter and Samhain because well lets be honest who doesn’t love Samhain

  6. Happy first Blogversary!!!!!!

    Samhain is an all time favorite, halloween decorations are so much fun and you really start to feel the fall weather.

    Yule is also a favorite of mine. A bunch of witchy girlfriends and I have a yahoo group for local witchy women and we have fullmoon parties, get-togethers, and do bonfires. There’s a handful of us that are active in the group and the get-togethers, some are only active online and some are lurkers which is fine and we love them all. Whats this got to do with Yule? every year we have a Yule party and play a gift exchange game buy drawing numbers (loads of fun) but this is the only party of the year where 15 of us (give or take a couple people) show up as opposed to the normal 3-6 people. It is fantastic to see friends that aren’t able to meetup very often and new girls we are meeting for the first time. It’s really just the BEST, and I love it, and look forward to it all year long!

  7. My favorite Sabbat would be between Samhain and Midsummer. I love Samhain because autumn is my favorite season and I enjoy doing tarot and wearing costumes on that night. Midsummer is when the faeries come out in full around here and I’ve always felt connected to them.

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