Lammas Corn Dog Pops

Honestly, there’s not much that’s more summery than a corn dog. I can never quite resist them at the county fair, all crunchy and warm… So when I ran across these little bites of genius, well, I just had to share them.

(Click for the recipe!)

Yes, Corn Dog Pops! This is mind-blowing. What could be better than homemade balls of goodness (and on a stick, no less?!) Plus, this recipe is just in time for the one day of the year when corn is king – Lammas!


One thought on “Lammas Corn Dog Pops

  1. do you know how hungry I am right now? do you know how much I’m craving a corn dog right now…stop the torture please! Seriously they look great and fun to eat…betcha ya can’t eat just one 😉

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