Happy Midsummer!

Happy Midsummer, readers! Even though I’m not a big fan of summer (I despise the heat) I absolutely love this Sabbat. I don’t know if it’s just the Shakespeare buff in me but there’s something really magic(k)al and romantic about Midsummer.

Midsummer Ritual

Sit outside in loose, comfortable clothing.
Light a white, green, yellow or gold candle.
Bless an offering of flowers and cake for the faeries. Meditate on the flame, opening yourself to the friendly brownies and pixies out there and inviting them in.
Take a bite of cake and a sip of local wine or iced tea, alternating until gone.
Blow out the candle, leaving the offering.
Blessed Be.

Luckily, I’ve got the house to myself tomorrow and the rose bushes are in bloom so I should be all set for a little picnic/ritual on the lawn. What about you – what are your plans for the longest day of the year?


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