Happy Daddy Day

Father’s Day tends to be one of those “Hallmark holidays” but it does serve to remind us to pay a little extra love to our daddies who are all too often left unacknowledged.

I admit, I’m less religious than “spiritual,” I guess you would call it although the word is so overused, perhaps even it doesn’t fit. When I do feel the need to call on a deity, I usually use “Goddess” even though when I talk about deity I claim to prefer the rather ambiguous God/Goddess. Somewhere along the line, this got a bit rambly but the point is… we as witches, especially female witches, often finding ourselves letting the male aspect fall by the wayside.

This is a shame because dads are so, so important and they have such a huge impact on who we are and how we face the world so embrace the Hallmark corniness for a Sunday afternoon and go out to lunch, just you and your dad (or the man you’re closest too – oftentimes it isn’t blood that makes him your dad.) Enjoy each others company and share a banana split.

Truly, most dads could care less about the new ties and drill bits if you just spend a little time with him instead but if you’d like to share an extra special bit of magick with him as well, consider blessing a tie for success or cleansing his recliner to help him relax!


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