Witches in Art

As an art history major, it follows that I love art. And magick and witchcraft (not to mention fantasy) abound in both traditional and modern works. Therefore, I thought I would share a few of my especially favorite pieces today!

I absolutely love Michael Parkes’ approach to magical realism. It’s so sweet and frothy-feeling; sort of reminds me of a Strawberry Moon! šŸ˜€

Albert Penot’s paintings are typically rather dark (both in color and in mood) and not really my style, to be honest. There is something really cheeky about this one, though, that I just love.

And, of course, no witchy art list is complete without some Waterhouse. The Pre-Raphaelite movement of the 1800s has always been one of my favorites, with its soft femininity and the classical subjects, and the fact that many of Waterhouse’s pieces in particular are witchy in nature is just gravy.

For more fabulously magickal art, check out ArtMagick.com!



3 thoughts on “Witches in Art

  1. Broomstick pic is awesome, I love JW Waterhouse’s paintings. My favourite Witch in art is probably Frederic Sandys, aslo a Pre- Raph, Morgan Le Fey. I used to visit it {I have this weird affliction where I like to visit {as in visit a friend} my favourite paintings} in Birmingham Art Gallery when I lived round there. She is so striking and full of movement.

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