Magickal Lemonade Mix-Ins

Hey – I’m back! The summer issue of Pagan Living is close to done and will be out the first week in June.

I thought since we’re coming into the warm months, I’d do a post about lemonade. As we know, lemons represent love and friendship, making an ice-cold glass of lemonade the perfect drink to share among friends. Even lemonade can be spiced up a bit though, in delicious and magickal ways.

Orange Blossom Water: Lemons and oranges go hand-in-hand and share many of the same magickal properties, namely love and friendship. So add a few drops of orange blossom water to your lemonade to give it an extra boost! If you can’t find orange blossom water, trying replacing half the water with orange juice for a similar effect.

Tea: Replace the water in your lemonade with iced tea for a fun, flavorful change. Use green tea for health and energy or black tea for strength. You also might want to try experimenting with different flavored teas such as peach or pomegranate!

Cinnamon: Add a cinnamon stick to each glass of lemonade for a sweet, spicy kick of good fortune and wealth.


3 thoughts on “Magickal Lemonade Mix-Ins

  1. i love the orange blossom idea and i never thought of cinnamon. thank you for the inspiration!
    (my last post was a recipe inspired by the fairy tale the fisherman and the golden fish by pushkin)

  2. Currently, I am dragging some lemon wedges and a sprig of mint to work with me in my water bottle every day. I refill it throughout the day for a delicious and refreshing drink. May try to add some cinnamon as well tomorrow. ^^

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