A Coven Tea Party

April is one of only four months of the year that does not have a Sabbat. That is not to say, however, that it needs to be totally devoid of celebration. Why not invite the coven over for a good old-fashioned tea party (with a bit of a witchy spin?)

The center of every tea party is the food and the conversation so be sure and serve a menu with a lot of variety and options. Since its spring, consider sweet, fruity dishes, even for the savories, like this stunning Brie & Pear Tart (you could also swap out the pears for apples or strawberries.) Dessert might include an angel food cake, especially a lemon-infused one like this to promote the friendships gathered around your table!

Offer a wide selection of teas, for sure, so your guests have lots to choose from. If you like to blend your own teas (or would like to try it out), consider offering a few ingredients so guests can make up their own blends to take home with them. Some ingredients you might want to include could be dried organic rose petals, dried organic chamomile heads, and dried organic lavender florets.

There is nothing better for a group of girls than to sit around a table with good food, teacups and great friends – maybe your coven will even make it a monthly tradition!


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