Planting a Moon Garden

With the full moon in just a few days and spring right here on our doorstep, now is a great time to think about planting a moon garden. Moon gardens have two purposes: to be appreciated in the moonlight and to represent the moon itself.

To achieve the first goal, the garden must consist mostly (or entirely) of either night-blooming or white flowers. White flowers are especially appropriate because they really stand out in the dark where other colors are more easily lost at night.

To achieve the second goal, the flowers chosen should correspond to the moon, to femininity or fertility, to the ocean, to nighttime or anything else moon-related. Of course, every plant placed in a moon garden should achieve both goals so your choices are then limited to white flowers that relate to the moon such as:

Water lilies

A moon garden should also include a water feature of some kind, whether it be a pond, a fountain or something as simple as a bird bath. You might also consider setting up a silver gazing ball or a plaque or outdoor painting of the full moon. Of course, a moon garden can also be achieved with a few of these flowers in a window box or large pot and enjoyed anywhere!


12 thoughts on “Planting a Moon Garden

  1. Another wonderful addition is moon flower (Ipomoea alba) vine. It has a huge white flower that opens in the evenings. Some more suggestions are white azalea, shasta daisy, white cone flower, wand flower (looks like a large magic wand that sways in the breeze), and if you are feeling sassy, white pumpkins! Great post!

  2. Great post! I’ve often considered a moon garden. I rent and can only manage a container patio garden, but your post has given me ideas for a moon-specific container. I’ve seen very small reflecting balls… I can just imagine that in the middle of some beautiful white flowers!

  3. Now look what you made me do! I went out today and bought seeds for white flowers and a half barrel to house everything! Haha! Thanks for inspiring me to just get to it!

  4. what a beautiful idea. i can’t wait till i have my own plot of land. i have a box garden right now but i’d love to have a garden to wander through.

    1. Oh me too! I love Howling Creek but we are severely lacking in trees and water so other than the vegetable garden in summer I don’t get to do a lot of wandering. I’d love to have a small patch to really tend.

  5. So lovely to ponder a moon garden! How magical… must seek out a silver gazing globe. Thank you for the special ideas.

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