April 1: The Feast of Venus

I’ve never been a huge fan of April Fool’s Day, probably because I’m a lousy prankster. There are other things to celebrate on April 1 though, like the Roman Veneralia, the festival of Venus. Yes, definitely more my speed.

Traditionally, women would take a statue of the goddess to the men’s baths where they would bathe her and themselves and adorn her with wreaths of myrtle. They would also seek her help in love and affairs of the heart.

Take part in this ancient festival with a laid back Sunday, honoring Venus. Take a long, hot bath and float a few red or pink rose petals in the water since they, like Venus, represent love. Meditate on your relationships. Plant a myrtle bush in your yard or in a pot on the deck. This is a day for simple reflection (and a good glass of wine – she is Venus, after all!)


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