Ostara: Natural Egg Dyes

I love springtime and Ostara is one of my absolute favorite Sabbats (I know, I know, I say that about all of them.) But really! Dyeing eggs has been one of my favorite holiday activities since I was a little girl. A few years ago I discovered natural dyes and although some years I cheat and go with PAAS, nothing beats the unusual shades you get from all-natural products!


The trick is to add a little bit of lemon juice or white vinegar to each of your cups so that the dye will stick to the eggshell better. Other than that, just go about dyeing your eggs the way you always have – set up a drying rack either with an empty egg carton or pins in a piece of foam, fill glasses about 1/3 with water and 2/3 with dye, then dip in your eggs! (You should note that the eggs will probably take a bit longer to get some really solid color on them because the dyes are not so full of chemicals – which is a good thing!)

Lavender – Grape juice
Blue – Boiled blueberries (strain the berries out and then chill the water)
Pink – Cranberry or Pomegranate juice
Brown – Chilled coffee
Green – Boiled spinach (strain the spinach out and then chill the water)
Yellow – Orange juice





4 thoughts on “Ostara: Natural Egg Dyes

  1. Thanks for sharing! I guess you could make nice patterns by dripping some wax onto the eggs before and removing it later, those places should remain white… and I remember my grandma polishing her colored eggs with a piece of bacon (a rag with olive oil should also work) to give them a nice shimmer!

  2. I swear you read my mind with this post! Just last night I was thinking “I want to find natural dyes for my eggs this year.” and here this is! Thanks for the info!

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