Ostara Sweets: Shmeeps!!

So, there’s something you should know about me. Although I am perfectly happy slaving for hours and obsessively making everything from scratch, I am not a health nut. Not by a long shot. And, in fact, one of my very favorite things in the whole entire world is none other than the humble marshmallow. That’s right, folks, I looove marshmallows, in just about any form. Which is why this left me speechless for multiple seconds before the squealing set in:

Basically, as you can see, it’s the most genius thing ever. And how adorable for Ostara, right?! Thank you goddess for the woman who wrote this article or we might all have gone on with our lives, unaware how much we need shmeeps.


4 thoughts on “Ostara Sweets: Shmeeps!!

  1. Well that does look quite inviting. My daughter thinks that marshmallows deserve a special spot on the food pyramid. Have you ever made them from scratch? If not, you must give it a try!

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