Ostara: The Equinox and Balance

The equinoxes are a time of balance, both in the literal sense of night and day and also within ourselves. Ostara is coming up rather quickly (March 20) and we are starting to notice the day lengthening, nearing an even 12 hours. Try one of these ideas to tap into that balance:

  1. Bake hot cross buns. They traditionally represent the crucifixion for Easter, but to pagans the squared cross atop one of these delicious, spice-and-raisin-filled buns represents the balance between night and day on the equinox!
  2. Practice yoga. Yoga not only helps center your mind and body but aids in physical balance as well.
  3. Decorate your home or altar in either black and white to literally represent opposites or in shades of gray for a softer approach that represents opposites and the beauty that comes when they combine.

5 thoughts on “Ostara: The Equinox and Balance

    1. Me too – it’s one of my favorite Sabbats! My family’s not particularly religious in any direction but we do the family Easter dinner and it’s always been one of my favorite meals, all the springy colors and flowers and whatnot!

  1. i love this post. looking forward to the equinox. thank you for the reminder! I found you via the practical magic blog party (obsessed with that movie and book) and i’m going to add you to my bloglovin. looking forward to reading more posts from you 🙂

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